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Brooke Dunigan x Verrone Swim - A Twin Mama Interview

"They love all the same things & truly are little best friends.  Their bond is so special & it is so fun watching them grow."


Meet Brooke, Brady, Blakely and Monroe, the beautiful family behind one of the sweetest Instagram accounts. We had a chat with Brooke about everything from bringing a creative inspiration to everydays to navigating life with three little ones...and last, but certainly not least, what to expect when you're expecting twins girls.


Your feed is so uplifting; all your photos have such a unique, joyful aesthetic to them. What inspired you to start your Instagram and when did your love for fashion and interior design begin?

I’ve always been drawn to fashion at a very young age, you could find me wearing tutus and every piece of jewelry I could find on the daily! My mother was an Interior Designer so I guess I inherited a love & interest for Interiors.  

I was working as a Designer when I found out the biggest surprise of my life, that we were expecting twin girls!!! I was unable to return to work after their birth so I decided to start an Instagram account sharing their pics & outfits!

We are absolutely in love with your adorable boy and twin girls! Can you tell us a bit more about Brady, Blakely and Monroe?

Brady is 7 yrs old & is a wonderful big brother.  He is all boy, loves all things racing & wants to go to work everyday with dad.  He adores his little sisters & is very protective of them.  He does also love to torment them a little too :)

Blakely & Monroe are identical twins & they just turned 4 yrs old this month!  I’d like to say that I have their personalities all figured out but then the next day, they swap! So the only thing I can figure is that they really are so much the same person!  They love all the same things & truly are little best friends.  Their bond is so special & it is so fun watching them grow. 

We feel like there’s so much to learn from little ones. What was the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from them?

Patience.  It takes a whole lot of patience everyday single day!!  Something that I will continue to work on haha!



Being a twin mom must be such an incredible journey (and we’re sure it comes with many surprises!) What has surprised you the most about raising twin girls?

What has surprised me the most is just how mischievous little girls can be! Its amazing what two toddlers can do vs one!  Brady as a toddler was very calm and never got into anything.  You can’t take your eye off these girls for one second.  We call them “Twinados” because you can tell every room they’ve hit!

Do you have any tips or advice for those going into twin motherhood? Any myths you’d like to debunk?

Don’t get annoyed with people that stop & ask you “Are they twins?”  A LOT of twin moms get very annoyed by this, I actually love it.  I look at it as its a way for people to start a conversation about your twins because they are intrigued.  I think it is an incredibly sweet gesture and they just want to pay your beautiful babies a complement. 



Blakely and Monroe’s outfits always have a gorgeous balance of playfulness and chicness (especially with their tulle skirts). Can you tell us a bit more about their style and how they have influenced your aesthetic and feed?

We love fun, colorful pieces! I also try to dress the girls in something that I’d want to wear! For example, something like cut off, distressed jean shorts! There's seriously nothing cuter than a little babe wearing a mini version of something a hip mama would wear! Whether it’s some skinny jeans or a kimono with a wide brim hat & oversized sunnies, I’m all over it!  

When you’re shopping for new clothes together, what’s the most important/exciting aspect for them (and for you?)

 That its fun, edgy & hip!


You have a beautiful collection of Verrone Swim suits at home – including the Camila, the Alessia and the Jenna. How did the three of you pick the suits? What do the girls love most when it comes to swimwear?

I love the chicness of the Camila but also the sweet playfulness of the Alessia! And the Jenna is just so timeless and classic! They are all so beautifully made & such amazing quality! The girls love the fun butterfly & cherry prints but more importantly, they love them because they are comfortable! They will wear them all day long! 

If you could pack your Verrone suits and go on a dream beach vacation tomorrow, where would you go?

Positano/the Amalfi Coast!!  It looks so dreamy, my total bucket list.



Besides the suits, what are the other beach favorites your girls wouldn’t leave home without?

Their goggles!! They are OBSESSED with swim goggles.  They refuse to swim without them!

What suits are next on your Verrone wishlist for Blakely and Monroe?

Probably the Olivia because the girls love one pieces too!


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