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Princess Diaries - Princess Leonor and Sofia's Unforgettable Style Moments

A fashion icon duo with a unique story and the wardrobe of our dreams…meet Princess Leonor and Sofia of Spain, two of the most charming and stylish royals. From soft pastels to color block florals, 15-year-old Leonor and 14-year-old Sofia have given us so many looks to fall in love with – and to celebrate their style influence, we’ve gathered some of their most memorable outfits.


The daughters of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, the sisters hold the title of Princess of Austrias (alongside many other titles) and live a truly extraordinary life, defined by rich cultural heritage and traditions. They were introduced to the world just days after they were born, and they quickly became the most beloved members of the royal family. Over the years, the initial introduction was followed by official events, annual family trips and endless photos of the two of them - and the more we’ve seen of Princess Leonor and Sofia and their style, the more and more we fell in love.


A Fashion Journey Begins

From the very first days, Princess Leonor and Sofia’s style always captured a sense of playful elegance, all whilst nodding to their Spanish heritage. Whether it’s a casual day with the family or an important event with thousands of people watching, the princesses always stayed true their style and personality, inspiring the millions of other princesses at home to be expressive and chic with their outfits.


Modern Royals

As the years passed, we started seeing more and more of Princess Leonor and Sofia’s personal style. The usual shade palettes got a bright update, and the classic, A-line silhouettes and ruffled dresses were accompanied by contemporary silhouettes. Regardless of the change, the girls remained sophisticated and timelessly sleek, with clear influences of their mom, Queen Letizia’s style.



The Future of Royal Fashion

Princess Leonor and Sofia have undoubtedly redefined the way we think of royal fashion with their fresh take on elegance. We can’t wait to see their style evolve as they grow up and embark on their very own journeys!


[images via Getty, MEGA, ABACA/PA Images and Arrow Press EMPICS Entertainment]