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The Verrone Wave

She's a firecracker, a loveable, vivacious, sweet, daring and forever heartbeat...


For The Sea, For The Shore, For The Sun

“Summers on the sand with a picnic basket and a cooler,dipping our toes into a hidden pool - these are some of the best times we spent as a family.  We’ve created a collection that inspires the next generation to share those same family moments and adventurous spirit. “

Nodding to the unforgettable family vacations that shaped our childhood, Verrone Swim captures our love for nature and travel with a nostalgic charm. Retro at heart with a modern, conscious take on craftsmanship, our collection offers trustworthy beach staples with the mission to empower, encourage and spark joy. 

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A Fearless Spirit

At the soul of Verrone Swim is the fearless firecracker who reminds us to cherish every moment together. She is brave with an eye for style, she leads with her heart and her laughter can be heard across the sand. Her curiosity, kindness and confidence are reflected in our designs…and together, they’ll take on endless hours of seaside fun.

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Thoughtfully Crafted

We are committed to preserving the beautiful beaches we so often look to for inspiration, which is why every detail from our materials to our packaging was made with sustainability in mind.  

- We use compostable poly bags and recycled mailers for all swim purchases.  

- Our mermaid-touch fabric is custom designed by reworking post-consumer plastic into a buttery soft material that’s both comfy and durable. 

- We rigorously test all of our products for sunlight, saltwater, chlorine and laundering so we can proudly stand by suits that last.  Quality suits mean a better fit and feel for girls and less disposable fashion in our landfills.  Our suits will keep up with her unstoppable spirit (whether it’s chasing waves, building sandcastles or soaking in the sun).